Blaster Kawi 1100 Tuning help

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    Blaster Kawi 1100 Tuning help

    Hey guys,

    I built a 1100 Blaster, and I have 2 problems I can't seem to figure out.

    1. When I take hard turns the ski will bog down, and it takes about 10 seconds to get back up to rpm. I was advised to flip the carb rack, and that just moved the problem to the other side. I also rejet From 120 to 130 H, and there was no change.

    2. The ski runs good and pulls around 7300 rpm from 1/4 to 1/2 throttle, but when I go past 3/4 I lose RPM? I am going to rejet to 135 or 137.5 to check if it's still lean, but I am already at 250 total jetting with stock porting.

    On a side note, I found out I was starving for air when I saw the hood get sucked down reving the boat on the trailer, so I drilled 2x 2 1/8 holes in the seat base and fire wall to allow more flow (No change).

    Any help will be much appreciated. Ski specs listed below.

    Stock Bore and Stroke
    Dried out stock pipe
    Rad Dudes rear exhaust w120 jet in the stinger
    ADA head with pump gas domes
    Mikuni 46 carbs with Trip speed plates on Stock port matched mani, and 3 pulse lines
    R&D Timing advance plate
    Heat Sensor Timing advance Jumper
    Blowsion Triple fuel pickup, and new check valve.

    1100 B1 Carb Settings
    Mikuni 46's
    Carb Jetting 120p, 130m
    2.3 N/S, 95gram. Pop off @ 20, 21, 21 (Tried Shiny Silver spring which tested at 16psi, No change)
    1- H=1 3/4, L=3/4
    2- H=1 3/4, L=3/4
    3- H=1 3/4, L=3/4

    15/19 Prop
    Solas 144 12 Vein Mag

    RPM's read around 7300 when running well.

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    Re: Blaster Kawi 1100 Tuning help

    With your high speed screws out 1-3/4 turns I would come up on the main jets. We have found, 46's to be very temperamental on the 1100. Your engine is basically stock, You may do better with 44's.
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