Hey guys!

I'm going to be building a 951 carb HX

I was wondering if any of you that already did this have impeller/intake grate advice for me

I will be using a stock 951 carb engine with a single pipe and ill be fitting a 155mm pump from an rx or an xpl to it after some fiberglass work.

My question is what pitch impeller has anyone used?

This is a tricky question but here is my goal. This HX will be flat water rec riding only.
I have had one before but i was about 14 and it had the stock 717 in it. so i know the handling sort of so top speed stability is not a fear at the moment..
I currently have an XPL 1998 that still has the stock 13/21 and i like the top end but the bottom end is a little lacking IMO
I have a stock 15/21 from an rx 951 di that i will try to base my decision for an aftermarket prop on the hx after.
I know the HX will be almost 200lbs lighter than the xpl i normally ride so i think having an initial pitch lower than 13 wouldnt be optimal
the problem is im using a stock seadoo impeller to base an aftermarket impeller off of and i know from experience they all act very different than stock..
Im currently considering a solas concord 15/20 with a matching solas intake grate. I like the way my concords act in my 96 xp's in both flat and surf but im not sure if this will translate to the same ride the hx will have
I also have a dynafly in my 95 spx 717 that works great in both surf and flat, however it doesnt handle chop like the concords.. but i cant really compare based off that because the spx rides so different from the xps.

Anyway thats my rambling... Anyone with real advice or a link to a thread would be appreciated..

Thanks guys