Making the switch from Yami to seadoo.

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    Frequent Poster jmcdowell's Avatar
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    Making the switch from Yami to seadoo.

    Picking up a 2017 Seadoo RXP-X next week. If I don't find a trailer soon I will have to buy one. I am looking at a used one right now but am not 100% sure if it will fit. It's double trailer so that it can house my new ski and my GP1300R RRE.
    The man selling it states that he has had a single 03 GTX on the trailer before no problem and those dimensions are as follows.

    03 GTX :
    Length (ft) 10.86
    Width (in) 48.1

    2017 RXP-X :
    Length (ft) 10.88
    Width (in) 48.3

    My concern is the hull depth on that trailer.
    Does anyone have any insight as to how I can reasonably know?

    Thanks in advance.
    This is kind of an emergency as I have to leave to get this thing tonight.


  2. #2 Is My Home Away From Home kcr357's Avatar
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    Re: Making the switch from Yami to seadoo.

    No clue, but if time is a factor buy some 4x4's and bolt them to the bunks. Or just use 4x4,s instead of the 2x2 on there
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    Re: Making the switch from Yami to seadoo.

    those brackets should be movable to raise the bunks if necessary.

    typically you can raise the bunk height on the bottom bolt and rotate the bunks to new correct angle on the top bolt.
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    Re: Making the switch from Yami to seadoo.

    The rxpx has a very deep hull. It barely fits on the single trailer I have it on now even after moving the bunks closer together than I would like. My trailer even has the U shaped frame and it's only got about 2 inches of room. No other ski I've owned has come close to hitting.

    Even on my triton double I have to move the bunks close together to keep it from off the frame.

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    Re: Making the switch from Yami to seadoo.

    You will have to move the bunks in more and like stated above replace them with a 4x4 instead. The deep V will rub on your trailer without changing this.
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    Re: Making the switch from Yami to seadoo.

    So, what did you end up doing?

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