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    PWCToday Regular hobbs's Avatar
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    Mar 2008

    I would really appreciate if someone could take a measurement from an SXR, 1st Gen

    Hi Guys, To be short about it, i'm drawing up plans for a project and my ski's are back at home so i'm not able to take the measurement myself. Ive looked all over before having to ask but i just cant find it.. Just an irrelevant number to most i suppose..

    I would be really really appreciate if someone could measure:

    1st gen srx

    #1. On the tail- from the bottom of the trim at the rear of the tray to the bottom of the hull/ride plate. (straight down measurement, not on an angle)

    #2. Width of rear corner(top to bottom)

    Thank you very much!
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    '87 550sx-the loaner
    '91 650sj- restored-ported 80mm Wiseco pistons-Riva Red pipe-aluminum water box--blowsion spring- umi steering-umi throttle-Riva groovy ride plate-Riva arrester-WCPP head with mystery domes 170psi-Worx 201 grate-14-19 Skat trak prop
    '04 800sxr-now Big bore ported, 849cc-Factory dry pipe-R&D arresters-13-20 Solas impros repitch,2x 46 power bombs

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