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Thread: rxdi problems

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    Re: rxdi problems

    Maint means the computer is trying to tell you something. Possibly just a regular 25 or 50 hour message or maybe something else. Need to hook up buds or candoo to check it.
    If the water leak is coming from the exhaust baffles that the rubber exhaust hoses hook to, you can cut and pull them out and reroute the rear hose to run straight out instead of through those baffles.
    If the battery is weak or solenoid is not passing full voltage it can cause funky starter/bendix issues.

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    Re: rxdi problems

    Thank Y`all for the help. But I have had the trickle charger on it for 4 days and it is still showing red. There is 13.1 volts at the battery. Looks like i need to loosen everything up and readjust my exhaust pipes. Just trying to evaluate some stuff before I go find someone with a candoo.

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