Flame arrestor vs cotton filter?

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    PWCToday Newbie
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    Flame arrestor vs cotton filter?

    I posted this in the Honda forum and received no response, but since my question applies to pretty much any PWC I'll ask in the general section..

    So I'm putting together an air intake system with a cone style filter for my 2002 F-12X to eliminate the huge crappy box and coarse foam air filter.
    I decided to go with a K&N metal screen flame arrestor over a filter with cotton material. Hopefully that wasn't a mistake.
    My question now is should I get one of those hydrophobic pre-filter wraps to go over the flame arrestor or not?
    This is the K&N that I purchased:

    And this is the pre-filter wrap:

    I know there's not much dust out on the water and most people say a cotton filter isn't necessary.
    Let me know what you guys think.

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    Re: Flame arrestor vs cotton filter?

    the k&ns work great as long as they dont get wet and its not over oiled. im not familiar with the honda ski you have and where the filters are. ive only owned standups and definitely wouldnt run a k&n on a standup because it definitely will get wet. your honda may be quite different.
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    Re: Flame arrestor vs cotton filter?

    If you click on the link to the one I got it has no cotton filter element and no oil.

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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home john zigler's Avatar
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    Re: Flame arrestor vs cotton filter?

    PWC being classified as a class A inboard boat, the US coast guard requires use of a "flame arrestor".

    Now, Some PWC's DO have an air filter of sorts. Yamaha 4-strokes for instance have a filter / flame arrestor. You Honda is another example.

    I have no idea how restrictive these are, or if you would have any gains switching to anything different, but I do worry about being non-compliant, and even if you were to have a back fire, you could now start your ski on fire, or worse explode.

    Just an FYI to think about.
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