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    Re: Anti Rattle jet pump cone kit

    Quote Originally Posted by Chester View Post
    You just have to be more careful when putting it together. It can still happen even with the anti-rattle cone during assembly.

    not from assembly. I have seen it even with factory assembled pumps as well. it is like it getting pushed out as the shaft is moving in and out then it being a pinch

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    Re: Anti Rattle jet pump cone kit

    The bearing pinches when it falls into the groove in the shaft during assembly. You have to be more careful during assembly. Once you torque the impeller on, remove the pump from the vice by lifting it up by the impeller. Remember to always keep the shaft pushed up against the bearing as you turn the pump upside down to put the cone on. Open up your vice big enough to rest the pump on it so the impeller hangs freely between the vice jaws thus keeping the pressure on the bearing. Install the cone, pressure test it to 10 psi, and fill it. Ensure the impeller has the proper endplay. Once the cone is on, the bearing will not fall into the groove and will not pinch. I've been working on these professionally for 24 years and never seen one pinched from the factory.

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