750sxi Pro Pipe Question

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    750sxi Pro Pipe Question


    I want to get a dry pipe for my pro, but dont have the money to blow to get any type of aftermarket pipe.
    I heard that there was a way to manually dry your stock pipe out.

    What is the process? Is it hard? Do you notice any real difference before and after doing this?


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    Re: 750sxi Pro Pipe Question

    I don't believe I've heard of the oem pipes being dried out before. There is just no reason to because the 2 cyl pipes are so plentiful and offer good gains. With the triple skis there has been much focus on drying the oem pipes out for a variety of reasons. On a triple those make really good power when dried out and a lot of guys swear by it over the aftermarket 1100 pipes. 2 cyls are not like this.

    If the oem pipe was dried out, it will grow the current power band slightly across the board, maybe a bit more proportionally up high. Meaning it wont do anything about the nonexistent low end. The impact of putting any sort of a pipe on it, over the dried out oem pipe, would be night and day. If you've really got a tight budget, I'd get a different pipe that might require you to alter the exhaust tubing and water box arrangement. With a ~$300 750 pipe and some tubing, you could probably have a decent performance gain for way less than the $5-600 the factory limited pipes go for.

    It really depends on what you're going to do with this hull. If you're looking to race it, a pipe will be mandatory to keep you competitive. If you're looking to just have a fun rec ride ski, then focus on handling and maybe upgrade when you've got the cash. The good thing about whatever pipe you get is that it's an investment, pipes pretty much never go down in value because there's always a steady demand. I haven't lost money ever on a pipe.

    My benchmark is that I'm way faster around buoys on one of my 2009 SJs, with light handling mods only, than stock hull pros with 750/ factory pipe set ups. Even my ported 800 pro with all the handling mods would have it's work cut out for it.
    1985 JS550/800 "Pretty Red": Newmiller 800, Rhaas 750 pump conv. [56.3mph gps]
    2009 1100 SJ:
    Kawi 1100 build in progress
    2009 SJ MINT:
    KP steering adaptor, Worx 228 intake [45.8mph gps]
    1987 WJ650:
    6M6, JD Intake Grate, 17/20, cheater pipe [47.8mph gps]
    1994 XiR: 830cc Superstock, PJS side draft, 13/18 swirl [53.7mph gps]
    1998 SXI PRO:
    3DR hull mods [TBD]

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