650sx blown feont cylinder

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    650sx blown feont cylinder

    I was running the ski today and the front spark plug cap came off causing in to run on one cylinder. I had about 200 metres to get back to shore. After i fixed the spark plug cap i couldnt get it to run on both cylunders. I pulled spark plugs and did a compression test. Back cyl 155psi and rear cylinder only 5psi. I have another cylinder and psutons to put in but my question is is it likely that the engine blew because of the spark cap or should i be looking into it more for another issue. Thanks

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    Re: 650sx blown feont cylinder

    I wouldn't imagine that would cause the cylinder to go. Even though it wouldn't be burning any fuel/oil the fuel/oil would still be sucked into the cylinder compressed and spat out the exhaust, meaning no failure due to lack of lubrication. What kind of damage was done in the cylinder? Usually based off of the damage you can tell what caused it. I had the front spark plug boot fall off of my 550sx pp while out in the middle of my lake about half a mile from shore, I rode it back on one cylinder with the throttle pinned to keep momentum up. Opened the hood, plugged the boot back in and everything was/still is fine. Open the engine up and see if what the damage is, i bet you'll be able to find the cause as well.
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    Re: 650sx blown feont cylinder

    check the crank and put new seals before putting a new top end on ,

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