do these rave valve brackets look okay?

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    do these rave valve brackets look okay?

    i have a 89 650sx i pulled the motor and saw that the rave valve brackets are rusted on the bottom i looked inside the crankshaft and saw no rust thru the holes what can the rust on the rave brackets indicate ?20171210_182523.jpg20171210_182601.jpg20171210_182606.jpg

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    Re: do these rave valve brackets look okay?

    You should see mine...

    Im assuming the rust is just on the fingers outside of the reed's to stop them from opening too far.

    Was a discussion today about the different alloys oxidizing at different rates (on a different forum) from memory it was an element that made these sorts of things lighter and stronger that caused them to rust first. I personally would not be too concerned if the crank still turns by hand without any tight spots
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    Re: do these rave valve brackets look okay?

    That is from condensation, or water in your fuel at some point. Not all that uncommon.
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    Re: do these rave valve brackets look okay?

    Those are Reed Valves, not RAVE Valves...

    This is a RAVE Valve 800-rave-valve-kit-complete_1_2.jpg

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