Recommendation for my 2nd jetski (used)?

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    PWCToday Newbie
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    Recommendation for my 2nd jetski (used)?

    Engine is dead on the Kawasaki ts650 I got for 10 bucks 5 years ago. Yeh, it was slow and everyone hates em, but honestly it did fine for putting the family around (wife & 4 yo). I took it out on the waves a few times which excitingly terrifying too.

    Wife said go get another one... but I've had it with old carbureted 2 strokes. Keeping it running was a pain and it broke down more than once out on the water.

    Any recommendations on used "reliable" jet skis under 4k for family use? I'd like to stick to around 2k but the local listings on Craigslist seem to be 90s stuff for 1500 or less OR mid 2000s+ for 3k+. Right now there's a '07 Seadoo RXT (supercharged, sounds like more work; broken display) for $3800, '02 GTX for $3k ($300 higher than kbb), '07 GTI for $3.8k (why all Seadoo!?!)...


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    Re: Recommendation for my 2nd jetski (used)?

    I work on the craigslist "deals" all the time. I also repair and maintain all types of pwc. With your budget I feel like you should be looking for a clean 90's 2 stroke. Your TS didn't break down because it was a 2 stroke. It broke down because it was a cheap ski that somebody else already neglected. If I were you I would be looking at Yamaha xl or Waveventure series or the 97-up Seadoo gti or gtx. You want one with less than 200 hours on it, or one thats already been replaced/rebuilt with proof. Also check with local marinas. I've had a few customers pick up really good deals straight from the owner because they didnt want to keep paying docking fees.

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    Re: Recommendation for my 2nd jetski (used)?

    Stay the fvck away from 2007 and older seadoo 4 strokes. Get a yamaha vx110.
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    Re: Recommendation for my 2nd jetski (used)?

    Quote Originally Posted by Myself View Post
    If I were you I would be looking at Yamaha xl or Waveventure series
    What he said - 90's XL or WVT 700 - Lots of them around and they run forever if not neglected.

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    Re: Recommendation for my 2nd jetski (used)?

    Quote Originally Posted by don37725 View Post
    What he said - 90's XL or WVT 700 - Lots of them around and they run forever if not neglected.
    My uncle picked up an 1100cc triple 3 seater yamaha this summer. $1200. Clean ski and a strong runner. If a 2stroke is maintained properly you'll have years of enjoyment for minimal cost.

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    Re: Recommendation for my 2nd jetski (used)?

    What they all said... You have to really try to hurt a tandem sport, easy as pie to work on, cheap parts all over the place. You bought a 50.00 ski , nuff said. a 499,99 TS , with a trailer should run for years.,

    Edit: A TS is like an Edsel. Ebarassed induced neglectic. I recently bought a 96 TS and the cyl's and the head were rediculously clean. The grinding swirl was still in the head, Used.. laughed at.. parked behind the garage for 10 years. I was forced to take the 96 in a package deal. Couldnt find one corrosion nick in the pump... went ahead and blueprinted it and added a 9/17 screw.
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    PWCToday Newbie Brandon577's Avatar
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    Re: Recommendation for my 2nd jetski (used)?

    I would look into seadoo spark if its just something for the family to cruise around on. New they are around 5500-6000 so I'm sure you can find a fairly good one around your price range.

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    Top Dog Gas Mask's Avatar
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    Re: Recommendation for my 2nd jetski (used)?

    I agree 90s xl hull would be great for the family.

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  9. #9 Is My Home Away From Home Spim's Avatar
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    Re: Recommendation for my 2nd jetski (used)?

    I don't think I'd ever go back to owning a 2 stroke for personal use, exceptions being the gp1300r and seadoo x4 models only because they had the fun factor, perhaps i'm biased because I owned both and loved them.

    If I was shopping for a sub 4K ski and wanted 4 stroke it, and reliability was a priority over speed then the choice would be between the GTX155 and the Yamaha m1 models, both are pretty dam hard to kill, but as always, buyer beware, if they were neglected then they could blow anytime, if you have the patience, try to find one both reasonably priced and that had an attentive owner, I know its a rare combo, but If you are diligent in searching CL you will find one.
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