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    Re: 88 JS550 Start before rebuild?

    Once you get it running, a few quick easy mods will help your ski run like it was meant too. (1)- advance the timing all the way (32 degrees). (2)- Plug the rev-limiter and install a restrictor jet into the return line. (3)- Have the head milled 55 thous. These mods are going to make it start easier, run better, and be more consistent.
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    Re: 88 JS550 Start before rebuild?

    I have the same deal I found a stock 83 js550 that hasn't run in a long time looks like everything is stock the carb is a mess all the gaskets where garbage, The carb spacer was made out of wood ?? so I need to order some parts Carb kit ,gaskets, spacer,new gas lines and fuel separator ,
    so I took off the REV Limiter pull the wires out and capped it off waiting on parts with the carb soaking
    I did a compression check with fogging oil PTO 140 Mag 145 I think I hit the jack pot on the compression I'm not sure about the Crank seals? my plan is to run it and then pull the engine for complete paint job ?what carb is this ?IMG_0342.JPGIMG_0342.JPGIMG_0343.JPGIMG_0344.JPG
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    Re: 88 JS550 Start before rebuild?

    That is a Mikuni 38mm BN carb.
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