Kawasaki 550 Factory Pipes, Half Pipe vs Full Pipe

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    I dream skis sportsfreak29's Avatar
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    Kawasaki 550 Factory Pipes, Half Pipe vs Full Pipe

    I recently got a full pipe and have had a half pipe on my mod ski for a couple decades.

    Wondering what the performance difference is and what type of motor mods will see the best gains for each of these pipes??
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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home fastgtfairlane's Avatar
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    Re: Kawasaki 550 Factory Pipes, Half Pipe vs Full Pipe

    the half pipe will have a little more bottom end and the full pipe will have more midrange and top rpm power. if you set the ski up properly with the full pipe you can have pretty good bottom end too. i have a full pipe and love it with the ported 550 reed setup. that said, ive never gotten to try a reed half pipe setup though. put the pipe on and find out! my headpipe was polished. I ran dual cooling with one line going directly to the front of the pipe and had a flow control valve with a pisser. i had the top screw open 1/2 a turn, middle closed and there is a hole at the bottom as well that was not adjustable that i covered with epoxy putty. depending on water temps you might go 3/4 turn on the top. the middle screw on my pipe is stuck. if you wanted more top end, then close the top screw and leave the bottom hole open. the cooler water directly from the pump that isnt preheated through the engine first makes the screw adjustments more responsive as well as more water pressure through the pipe for better flow control valve adjustment as well.

    either pipe would work well on just about any engine combination just really depends on what you want the ski to do. more bottom end then go half pipe with 550 pump, more top end go full pipe 440 pump.
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    Resident Guru eat wake's Avatar
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    Re: Kawasaki 550 Factory Pipes, Half Pipe vs Full Pipe

    Iíve got a factory full pipe minus manifold I may consider letting go of.
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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home seadoobutch787's Avatar
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    Re: Kawasaki 550 Factory Pipes, Half Pipe vs Full Pipe

    I ran a Coffman half pipe on my 550 and it rocked!
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