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    Noisy 2017 Kawasaki SX-R

    I'm new to the forum. Looks like some great advice on issues. I hope someone can help me.
    I purchased a new 2017 Kawasaki SX-R this spring. No one in my family had much experience so we started out slowly but learned quickly. I have a Yamaha 212x jet boat and Yamaha Waverunner but this was our first standup. Once we started increasing our speeds, there was an obvious grinding/noise from the rear of the ski. At WOT it feels like the thing was going to explode. I fear for my legs. It seems to accelerate and reach the tops speeds that people are talking about. Certainly not the experience with my well used Waverunner. I put up with it until I rode a friends STX-15F. Just like butter and all you can hear at WOT is the wind in your ears. I then read they have the same engine, pump etc. This prompted the visit to the dealer.
    They said I had sucked up rocks and its was going to be $1500.00 to fix it not under warranty. I personally had never sucked up rocks but my 16y/o son had ridden it so Lord only knows what may have happened. I agreed and they did the work. It was fall by now and cold in Eastern Canada but I put on the wet suit and when out for a test because I was skeptical and did not want to wait for next spring. The thing was completely unchanged. I returned with the ski and they went over the entire thing and said it was perfect. I told them they could have it for a weekend full of fuel for the techs to ride it but they want to wait for next spring. They seem very disinterested in this. They think its perfect. It idles and revs on the hose like a dream but there is something very wrong with this machine. Because of my skepticism, I asked them for the old pump and I'm no mechanic but if there IS a scratch on the impellor, you could remove it with a pencil eraser its that perfect. asked them to put back on my old pump and give me my money back but that went over like a lead balloon.
    Is this the way this thing is?? No one near me has one for me to try. Should it sound like the STX-15F? Has anyone else seen this?

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    Re: Noisy 2017 Kawasaki SX-R

    They ripped you off. The SX-R pumps are loud and noisy. You can trim the pump seal ring down as it protrudes into the pump intake area and that calms it down a bit, but its still a rattle trap. Just need to watch the bearings and change them out at about every 50hrs or risk a failure. They stuck it to you, my opinion. Get all your parts back for sure, they are still good. Maybe call Kawi, they may want to know the dealer smoked you. Could maybe help you get some $ back? Good luck.
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