Need help and advice please:
Background, seems this is a common problem with the FX140's. I did the following tests:
1. Checked fuleing of each cyclinder by removing the firescreen. Noted 2-3 ejctors ejecting fuel, but no 1 ejector did not when revving the motor.
2. Removing the plug on no 1 also indicated it is dry.
3. When I had the Ski on the water also got max approx 50km/h - clear was runing on 3 cyclinders.
4. Removed the ejectors and noted no 1 was slightly clogged/blocked, and cleaned it using a method I saw in a video thread (syringe, carburator cleaner & 12v impulse method). After I was sure it was clean and functioning well with 12v impulse I re-installed everything certain that I had found the fault. Before I re-installed also checked the resistance of the ejctor and it all showed the same i.e. There was no difference of no 1 when compared with the other 3 good functioning ejectors.
5. When I started and check the ejectors No 1 was still not ejecting fuel.
Somit seams it may be a ECU fault.
1. How can I test the ECU unit - do not have the software or tool to test.
2. Is there a way to do a hard resetbon ECU faults.
3. Read a thread that fault can be on the earth wire. planning to test it with a multimeter by checking pulse while cranking the motor (+ wire on the live wire and - wire on the earth side).
4. After above test pending outcome I thought I would interchange ejector positions and see if fault moves with the ejector.
5. I do not know how the ECU test is done and I see at back of the engine is the big black mounted box, which I presume if the ECU. I could also not find a thread covering this.
So any wisdom/advice would be highly appreciated.
Best Regards