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    Angry JS550 throwing sparks between starter and flywheel

    So my 88 js550 is throwing sparks between the starter and the flywheel. Iím somewhat new to these machines. Iíve tried a different starter am it still does the same thing. As soon as the starter connects to the flywheel, it throws tons of sparks. It looks like electric sparks, not like theyíre grinding together. Anything will help

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    Re: JS550 throwing sparks between starter and flywheel

    Some amount of sparks are normal from almost any starter -- if it is not a sealed type. But most skis have sealed ones. Are the sparks coming from the inside of the starter or outside? If it is outside then it is very likely that you have bad connections that go to the starter. Disconnect the cable from the battery negative terminal. Remove the red cable that goes from the starter to the starter solenoid. Inspect and clean the surfaces on the starter that it connects to and both ends of the cable. You may also need to remove the starter to clean the surface where the starter grounds against the engine block.
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    Re: JS550 throwing sparks between starter and flywheel

    Cheap / Bad starter(s)
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