What I used:
1100 crank (obviously)
Kawasaki 900 STX / ZXI Coupler 003-213 (OEM #:42034-3708)
SXR 800 bearing carrier('holder' OEM#13280)
750 SS drive shaft
Custom Spacer out of a broken coupler

Things to know:
the 1100 drive shaft and coupler are both larger than what can fit into the 800 holder/bearings, and pump/prop spline. So either fix that, or adapt to it. (idk if the 1100 pumps fit into 800s hull-never seen it)

I got a 1100 with a chewed piston and was tearing it down and noticed about a 1/4 gap between the couplers from crank to drive shaft:
coupler spacing first take.jpgprefix distance measure.jpg

I started shooting options to take that gap out:
Put a stuffer/spacer in the spline to move it up?
Copy of IMG_20170814_185448.jpg

But that won't work, because i thought it would move the shaft forward-and the bearing seals wouldn't line up and thus leak:
See here, need to stay in the right spot on the driveshaft (i think..):
driveshaft seal pic 2.jpgIMG_20170811_191027.jpg

The other option here would be to move the engine back with custom motor mounts ect (but then, you got the ebox/battery/clearance, serious fiberglass work ect)
I broke a tooth off the coupler trying to get it off the crank. So, bought a new one.. here is a picture of all three: 1100, idk, 900 STX / ZXI Coupler.
coupler types.jpg

I had heard of people putting a spacer on the crank, so that was the plan. I also think it's in the "SXR 1100 triple pic's , and mod's build thread", but the pictures are broken in the older stuff there. (side note, huge thanks to those guys. That thread is super useful, they've helped me a lot and that's why i'm making this post-trying to give back what I've learned).

The plan: the busted tooth coupler had the perfect material and threaded hole to make a spacer out of it.. soooooo:
cut the thread spacer out.jpg

I literally just cut the flange off and made the perfect spacer... cleaned it up on the grinder and cleaned the thread up to start right.
It's all down hill from there:
putting space on 1.jpgputting spacer on 2.jpgputting spacer on 3.jpgIMG_20170831_180518.jpgafter fix pic.jpg

I'll let you know if i have leaks come from the holder/shaft/seals.(about to get the ski out!....right in time for winter)
Hope this helps you!!