97' XP - no power with key, cant start

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    97' XP - no power with key, cant start

    I am in a bit of a time crunch here trying to winterize my Seadoo XP, but suddenly am not able to start my XP. When I attach the key to the Post, I do not get any power (gauges do not more) so I am unable to even start it. If i press the start/stop button a second time I can get the VTS to work. I have a brand new battery and tried another battery (both @ 12.6v) so I can eliminate that. It seems this could be a key, post or maybe MPEM issue? I tried cleaning the contacts on both the key and post with no luck. The only thing that I had that was different was having a small solar panel trickle charger on the battery to keep it charged when sitting in my driveway. There is no way this could have cause a problem to the MPEM, could there? I'm looking for where to check next how to do it. Trying to work fast so I can get it started and fog the engine before winter approaches.
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    Re: 97' XP - no power with key, cant start

    Check all your fuses(probably first thing you did). There are 3 on the front of the MPEM. 5A - MPEM , 15A- Battery, and 7.5A VTS. Also there is one in the rear electrical coil/starter solenoid box(15A) but this one is good since your are getting a response when pushing the start stop button twice.
    Make sure your key is making contact with the grounding ring on the key post. Invert your key---look at the two contacts along the sides-- and push in where the contacts are by putting it between your thumb and a finger and flexing in.
    Your post can be tested with a meter. There are 3 wires on the post Black-Yellow, Black, and White-Grey. You can find this connector under the top area below the gauges and disconnect to get to with a meter.The black wire is ground. The other two wires use the black wire as common. Explanation below from another site---

    """Here is what happens when you put a key on the post. There is a small reed switch in the post that connects to the black/yellow and black wire. The key has a magnet in it, so it closes the reed switch, effectively shorting the black/yellow and black wires together. The key contains an electronic serial number. You program that serial number into memory in the MPEM, so when the key is put on the post, the MPEM reads the serial number, and if it matches one that is stored in its memory, it gives you two beeps and allows the ski to start and run. This turns on the MPEM. It begins sending out a signal on the White/Gray wire. The center post of the DESS post is connected to the White/Gray wire, and when you put the key on, it makes contact with both the center post and the ring on the post, which is connected to the black wire (ground) This signal "turns on" the key, and it sends the serial number of the key to the MPEM over the White/Gray wire. The MPEM reads this serial number, and if it matches one of the key serial numbers stored in memory, it activates the MPEM which sends out the two beeps. Once this happens, the key circuit is shut off. It no longer has any function, except that the magnet is needed to keep the MPEM alive. The short between Black/Yellow and Black must always be present to keep the ski running'''''.

    Unfortunately these MPEMs are known for just quitting(for no apparent reason) but a lot of that is related to the connections(AMP connectors) going in and out of the MPEM. Sometimes just unplugging them and plugging back in can fix the problem. Sometimes one of the pins can push back and not make contact, etc. Connector 1 on the right bottom of the MPEM has the key connections for the start/stop and DESS post. Wiring Diagram is on pages 368 and 369 in the 97 Shop Manual which is downloadable on this site for you to reference if you are electrically minded.
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