I am in a bit of a time crunch here trying to winterize my Seadoo XP, but suddenly am not able to start my XP. When I attach the key to the Post, I do not get any power (gauges do not more) so I am unable to even start it. If i press the start/stop button a second time I can get the VTS to work. I have a brand new battery and tried another battery (both @ 12.6v) so I can eliminate that. It seems this could be a key, post or maybe MPEM issue? I tried cleaning the contacts on both the key and post with no luck. The only thing that I had that was different was having a small solar panel trickle charger on the battery to keep it charged when sitting in my driveway. There is no way this could have cause a problem to the MPEM, could there? I'm looking for where to check next how to do it. Trying to work fast so I can get it started and fog the engine before winter approaches.