Hi, I have a '99 Yamaha XL1200. I have the pump removed from the ski and the output nozzle removed from the impeller duct (were the bearings are) so I have access to everything... Now I just have the impeller housing/wear ring attached to the impeller duct. I'd like to replace the impeller housing/wear ring but I can't get that assembly off the impeller duct. There are pry points, but I'm pretty sure if I torque hard enough to remove the assy, I would break them. I think I attached it ~16 years ago and used 1211 to seal it. It's either now corroded or that stuff is like epoxy... I've been beating the pump mounting flange with a rubber mallet, but no success this far.

Anyone have any ideas what I might try? I'm wondering if a little heat would help, mindful not to heat up the bearings to much.

I have a new (used) impeller housing/wear ring so if push comes to shove, I might see if I can cut it with a grinder, but that's the last resort.