I have a ECM off a 2006 F12X. It worked fine on a running ski which was scrapped several years ago and put in a box. I tested it today on my running 06 F12X and it worked perfectly. It's good to go.

Part number - 38770-HW1 -691

Please do your research to make sure this is the ECM you need.

$699.00 Shipped. Paypal or I can take a card over the phone through "Square".

I hope the moderators here don't delete this post claiming it needs to be in the "for sale" section because I don't think too many people look there or not all the time. I'm trying to give everyone here a shot at a better deal on a high dollar item before I list it on ebay at a higher price due to ebay/paypal's outrageous fees.

Reply or call, Darryn 480-217-0347