Sea-Doo's 50th Anniversary Press Event

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    Sea-Doo's 50th Anniversary Press Event

    In 1968, Sea-Doo produced their first personal watercraft and shocked the world. The black and yellow scheme made the craft stand out on the water, catching the eyes of everyone. In 2018 they will continue the head turning.

    On September 20th, I went to represent PWCtoday, along with a few others from other watercraft publications was invited to the Sea-Doo 50th anniversary press release event in Laughlin, NV. The invitation to the event was a video tablet that introduced me to what Sea-Doo had in vision and to what I was going to be doing. 1.jpgThe large smile I had on my face never disappeared from the time I left Tampa airport and returned.

    The night I arrived in Laughlin, the press met with the BRP representatives for an introduction dinner. BRP had a RXT on display for them to show off some of the new features for this year.The first change to catch my attention was the red fuel tank and a black storage bag stationed on the back of the watercraft.2.jpg The new system is being brought to the public called “Linq”. Two attachment posts are able to be pulled up from the back of the deck and attach a fuel tank, storage bag or cooler. The fuel caddy holds up to 4 gallons of fuel in an easy to pour canister. The cargo bag is a semi-rigid, 5.5 gallon storage compartment that can be secured on top of the fuel caddy if you need extra storage. 15.jpgThe cooler is a rigid, durable and weather –resistant cooler that keeps 4.2 gallons of content fresh and cold.3.jpg Being in mid-90's temperatures in Arizona, the cooler with ice cold drinks was a lifesaver. There is also a spot closer to the rear seat where you are able to attach a ski pylon for other recreational actives. The ski pylon is easy to install and takes only a few seconds to be ready to play. BRP also configured this device to have handle grips so the spotter sitting backwards on the PWC is able to have balance and control on turns.9.jpg

    The music playing as an ambiance in the background was being projected from the two 50WATT speakers on the RXT. The sound was so clear and crisp that we all initially thought the music was coming from the hotel. After the presentation of the 2018 products and features each dinner table had a BRP representative to help answer any possible question that we might have. BRP wanted to make sure that the public knew that they are always listening. There is not a day where they are not trying to improve, impress and succeed in the PWC community. They have done all three. The new BRP audio system is only $700 MSRP when purchased already installed. If you want to add the audio system later as an accessory, the price is $950+ 1hr install. This is tremendously cheaper than Yamaha’s “JL”at $2,600 and Kawasaki’s “Jet Sounds” at $1,800. On the GTX,and RXT platforms they improved the hulls to what they call a “ST3”.This hull provides benefits such as; more comfort when cruising and riding 2 or 3up, 1 inch wider for unmatched stability and more predictable movements. The new hull “T3” (Tight-Turning T Hull)comes only on the RXP-X platform. They are a 2 seating, medium-sized platform with a combination of hard and soft chines with a rough water inspired deep V hull.

    When I was first being introduced to what was new for the new line up, I was really not impressed until the day of the actual ride. After the briefing in the morning, we made our way down to the launch site with 15 of the new models such as the RXT, RXP-X300, GTX LTD, Wake 155, Wake Pro 230 and GTR. Every single PWC lined up on the beach instantly catches your eye with the new vibrant colors. These colors included; neon yellow/ lava grey and ice metal/lava red from the RXT-X, as well as the teal blue metallic/lava red from the Wake models.4.jpg I decided to start out the 45 mile ride down the Colorado River with the 2018 Wake Pro 230. When we launched from the beach with the iBR (intelligent Brake and Reverse)system, I was instantly drawn to all the new things as if I were a kid in candy store. First noticing how easy it was to reverse out of a choppy river launch. I then instantly paired my phone via Bluetooth with the new audio system with no problems at all. Picked a song(AC/DC – Thunderstruck) to blast to get even more of an adrenaline rush. This was all accomplished in around 30 seconds, so spending my head down on my phone was very limited. I was able to open the 27 gallon storage compartment in front of me to put my sandals and sunscreen away without needing to stand up. The storage opens up with ease with a shock to help. Then it hit me, I did not need to stand up! I am 5'9'' with short arms and found that in a lot of PWC models I need to stand up in chop and store things, which is never an easy task. Sea-Doo mentioned in the morning meeting, “Ingenious Storage”. It was EXACTLY that.5.jpg When the leading jet boat took off to lead us down the river, I turned the volume up on the music and pulled back on the throttle. The 230 horsepower Rotax 1500 HO ACE engine took off down the river at such speed that I nearly lost my hat within the first 4 seconds of the trip. The Wake Pro offered superior stability and control. The new platform starts with a lower center of gravity, which provides more confidence in rough water, at high speeds, and with three passengers. It is also wider to make it easier for re-boarding and movement around the watercraft. The new ST3 hull provided the entire ride with amazing control that it helped my turning on the chop tremendously. Every few miles down, we would all rotate as much as we could to test and experience the different models. The next PWC was the GTX Limited 300. With the same hull characteristics as the Wake Pro, the GTX LTD 300 provides 70 more horsepower with a 0-60 launch in less than 4 seconds. This was an incredible difference from the Wake Pro. The new Ergolock seat that some of these new models have, helped with this power take off and ride. The seat provides a narrow profile and knee support. This narrow profile gives riders more of a natural position and hold on to the machine for more control and less body fatigue. The Erogolock seat is not only for the driver, but for the two other riders as well.16.jpg For lunch we stopped at the Topock Gorge restaurant along the river. All of the riders and BRP staff got together with amazing food and feedback on what they already thought about the new lineup with huge smiles on their faces. We then made a short trip to our final destination of Pirates Cove Marina in Needles, CA. The next day, we had the entire day to try out every model available. The part of river I ventured on was nearly 20 miles from Lake Havasu, NV.There were many PWC enthusiasts riding Kawasaki's, Honda's and Yamaha products. Once these riders saw and heard some of the new models pass, they turned around and could only stare. It was great also to get hands on with the other features that they had to offer. Features such as the removal of the back seat and using the cooler as a picnic table between two riders. If picnicking is not your cup of tea, then lay out on the deck of the PWC to sun bathe.8.jpg The stability that the new models offer are so sturdy, you are able to climb on board without even using the newly designed step ladder. To add the incredible experience of riding these new 2018 products, the scenery of mountains, sand and other rides made it that much better. 12.jpg

    Sea-Doo wanted to continue the growth in the PWC world, so in 2014 they introduced Spark. The design and price made it the most affordable and fuel efficient PWC on the market. This proved to everyone that you do not need all the special equipment that most PWC offer to get out and enjoy riding.14.jpg Today the numbers have done nothing but grow. The Spark boosted the PWC community and passion for the thrill on the water at the fraction of the cost of the competitors.The Spark is so light that you are able to launch nearly anywhere.For 2018, Sea-Doo has introduced a new 3-up and TRIXX 3-up. This PWC has an extended platform that creates room for an extra seat and towing possibilities such as wake boarding, tubing and water skiing.10.jpg Powered by a 90 horsepower Rotax 900 HO ACE engine, the Spark TRIXX 3-up has a top speed close to 50 mph. The PWC has no problem pulling off freestyle tricks now such as tail-stands, 180 degree hops, and power slides. All spark models come standard with the scratch and impact resistant lightweight polytec hull material.Sea-Doo did not bring any of these to the press event, but they boasted the numbers of cost, production and maneuverability. Numbers such as the most popular increase in PWC was in Scandinavia with an increase of sales of 600% in a 4 year span.

    I did not want to leave when the time came. Sea-Doo made such an impression on me and my experience of riding the new products that they have worked so hard on achieving for 2018. Their mission this year was to provide a revolutionary on-board experience, stability, performance and control. They have truly achieved this for the upcoming year. The theme of the trip was “Escape the Everyday”. I do believe that when people get their hands on these new PWC. They will truly, escape the everyday. dh.jpgdh2.jpg
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    Re: Sea-Doo's 50th Anniversary Press Event

    Nice write up Darin....looks like quite the fun trip....

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