Testing heat sensor #278 / 000194

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    Testing heat sensor #278 / 000194

    Recently had to rebuild top end of 1994 SeaDoo GTX. Piston seizure. iniatally caused by oil injection hoses to rotary valve intake disinigrated. I have a question as to why the the heat sensor did not sound the buzzer to warn me. Does the epansion of the rings and piston happen so fast that the heat sensor can't react? I tested my heat sensor with a pan of boiling water and a ohm meter, (not digital, gotta use what I got). After the water began boiling, The ohm meter's needle, set at 1K, went to 200K and held there. Is the #278 / 000914 a resitor type sensor or is it a on / off switch? If it is a resistor type, would not the buzzer start off at low volumn and build? I was expecting it to be on / off switch and the buzzer woul activate at full volumn. By the way, the buzzer works. Scared the bejeeses out of me when i tested it. Final question: Does it seem that my heat sensor is OK? THanks for your thoughts.

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    Re: Testing heat sensor #278 / 000194

    "Does the expansion of the rings and piston happen so fast that the heat sensor can't react?" The answer to this question is yes.

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    Re: Testing heat sensor #278 / 000194

    Nice !!

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    Re: Testing heat sensor #278 / 000194

    temp sensor only kicks on when it gets real hot. the sensors rarely go bad, and never beep to let you know of the motor coming apart.

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    Re: Testing heat sensor #278 / 000194

    Not sure how much value this temperature sensor has. It is on the cooling section so you would probably need to block water into and out of the motor and have it get to the temperature trigger point (I think 200F) on the sensor. In order for it to trigger when no water is flowing/in your motor the motor would have to get real hot first.

    I do not remember ever replacing one (except physically broken ones) and I do not remember ever having one go off.
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