Hey guys,

I've got a 760 swapped WB1 in Jupiter Farms, FL that needs the carbs tuned properly so that it can be sold. I'd do it myself but I left my two skis in Jupiter Farms at my friends house to sell them off when I moved to New York for work.

If anyone knows of a good local mechanic, or if there is somebody who is familiar with the WB1's or 2T skis in general sees this and thinks they would be able to stop by and take a look, please let me know. I've been trying to get a traveling jetski mechanic who knows 2T skis to do this for months and can't find anyone worthwhile who will actually do it. I've offered all kinds of money at several people in Miami and they keep telling me they can't make the short drive up there to get it done.

PM me for my cell number. Thanks!