Selling my 1999 Kawsaki Ultra 150.
Complete running ski with paperwork. Located in Long Island, NY 11510


Trailer available for $300 firm, w/ paperwork. new lights, etc. 100% road ready.

Red with even 118 compression on all 3 cylinders. Completely stock.
Seat has an older cover on it, rear part is a little sun faded but otherwise in great condition.

Gunwales, hadlebar pad & rear sponsons were truck bed coated
Mirror covers had flaking clear coat so I plasti-dipped in a matching red, same for the faded(working) Choke & fuel reserve knobs.

The Good:
- it's cheap. you can part it to make double your money. or fix it($100) & be riding a bargain ski that does 60mph.
- The hull is in pretty good shape for its age.
- 2 new cables
- fuel reserve switch & choke operate smoothly.
- everything stock as it should be

The Bad:
- cluster is shot. 2 buttons leaked(as they all do) & it has some water in it. Doesnt display.
- carbs are getting gummed up some. Should be cleaned.
- It has a water leak. Its not the hull in any way. Ive narrowed it down to the Water manifold. (main jet pump feed hose goes to the 90* fitting on the bottom of the cylinders & this is the water manifold.)These are known.common fail points because water sits in them & the cast manifold rots out. They are $104 new from Kawi, or about $50 used on ebay. You have to pull the motor to replace.

I have 5 skis & this project isnt one I have time for. Time to thin the fleet. Id rather sell now than store for winter.