Guys, I winterize my 3 acquatrax units and I recently discovered something in the manual that is confusing. IN the flushing and storage section of the manual, there is a procedure that talks about lubricating the "maintenance joint". This specific instruction talks about squirting something like CRC-656 into the maintenance joint in both directions without pulling the throttle lever.

Then, in a few instructions later, it talks about lubricating the "throttle body" by spraying the CRC into what appears to be the same maintenance joint but this time I need to operate the throttle lever a few times while spraying.

Can anyone explain what is going on here? When I first read the manual, it almost looks like there are two different joints that need to be taken apart but then when I look at the unit, it is obvious there is only one joint that looks like the approx 1.5 inch metal joint that comes apart.

Either way, I have done both procedures but using the same "joint". thanks for the thoughts??-brian