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    Re: 96 gsx bad starter?

    Quote Originally Posted by hafweigthr View Post
    Starter bolt will not help you with a bad ground cable. You would need to test at the battery negative. Starters can go out all of the sudden. Wires can break off brushes and worn brushes can stop making connection at a moments notice.

    The brand new starters available are not that reliable. Unless you buy say SBT or a few others. Rebuilding and old Denso OEM starter is the best solution. I have only ever had one that I could not rebuild due to a starter malfunction.
    SBT Seadoo starters are junk !!

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    Re: 96 gsx bad starter?

    If you are missing ground the starter solenoid would not click--you are correct. By jumpering the solenoid post (large red wire-battery to Large red wire starter) you are eliminating the solenoid. When you jumper the solenoid check the voltage across the battery and then from the battery negative to the starter hot post. If the voltage stays at no load voltage (12.5 volts) then you starter is probably bad. You can check the ground cable by hooking a meter (in ohms) to both ends of ground cable and wiggle it to make sure you do not loose continuity(maintain roughly 0 ohms).

    It is really odd to think an OEM starter would be bad after 6 months unless you use you ski a ton and have trouble starting it.

    I have had decent success with the few SBT starters I have used.
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