I have a Kommander GP1 1500 and everyone that rides it thinks it is really good ( except for Hagest who has ridden it )
I have ridden the new pf, old pf, owned a sxr 1500 with ecu/prop, owned a hydrospace, and many sxr Gp ski's. I owned one bullet.
It comes down to preference. some are faster than the other, some are quicker, some may bust through the rough water better. Some people like one trey over another.
The top riders are trying to find a ski that will get the holeshot. They can learn to ride anything.

I really enjoy my pump gas 68.3 mph GP1 ski that can sweep or turn on a dime (if I can handle it). So much more fun than the sxr1500.

And the hydrospace was an awesome hull. The ski dominated the sport for 5 years.

All ski's are fun to ride. Let's ride