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    1997 Yamaha VaveVenture 1100 - Loading up and falling flat

    Ski is loading up and falling flat, trying to figure out whether what is most likely the issue (bad gas, wrong pop off pressure, carb adj)

    I didn't pull the H/L needles when i just replaced the metering body gasket, but the rest of the carb looked good.
    I didn't check the pop off pressure as i don't have a gauge.
    It has about 3/4 of a tank of 6 month old gas mixed with new. (ethanol)

    - Owned the ski from 60hrs to current 130hrs
    - Rebuilt carbs at 70 hrs - Diaphragms were the main issue, ran great!! (40mi. trip in ocean fine)
    - Saltwater in gas tank at ~100hrs, and it sat for a couple weeks till i got the carbs open.
    - Carb inspection showed the small screw heads rusting where pressure was applied during last rebuild.
    - Replaced screws, but no springs or seats or needles, and didn't check Pop off pressure.
    - Ski ran great again.
    - Ran gas out carbs to store over FL winter, and left ethanol gas in tank (full).
    - Pulled carbs at beginning of season without running it just to inspect, found crystals in carb 2.
    - Ran great for about 20 minutes, then started loading up and falling flat; could rev to keep running
    - Pulled carbs and replaced the gasket behind metering body as it looked bad, ran carb cleaner through two jets behind.
    - Ski ran great for about 10 then started falling flat again.
    - I haven't pulled the n/s section as i didn't want it to start rusting again.

    Any suggestions would be most appreciated
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    Re: 1997 Yamaha VaveVenture 1100 - Loading up and falling flat

    Rebuild carbs completly using new Mikuni parts including N/S.

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