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    Re: 98 SXI Pro for Racing

    Quote Originally Posted by theVetteman3 View Post
    Check out my thread in the individual builds section. Basically you can get to 80% or greater the sxr performance at 50% the price. And actually, I know what future mods I could do to my hull to make it even better. The key things the pro needs are front sponsons or tubbies, and rear hull extensions. Secondarily, an aggressive intake grate and ride plate. One of the huge benefits of the pro is that it accepts sxr ride plates, which means you have a whole bunch of options on what to run.

    When Kawasaki created the sxr from the pro, they basically increased the front hull surface area, set back the pump, and made the ski heavier. Not sure if the weight was done on purpose or not, but it really helps plant the ski. Aggressive tail end stuff on the pro does the same thing as adding weight to the front. A super aggressive intake pulls the ski down even more. With all the mods done to my hull, it was slammed to the water. Would not porpoise at all.

    I would definitely take my pro over a 2 cyl sxr. They feel smaller and lighter and more nimble, and when properly set up can rail just as hard. My ski with a tbm sxr ride plate felt more locked into turns than my brother's stock hull, stock ride plate limited 1100 sxr.
    Do hull extensions make that much of a difference? I may have to look into those then.

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    Re: 98 SXI Pro for Racing

    Yep. They put more pressure on the nose, and in conjunction with an aggressive intake grate like the uber rare skat trak, they eliminate porpoising. Length will be determined based on your weight and the type of tubbies you add.

    If you aren't careful fast 750s can porpoise so violently above 50 that you can get hurt. A friend was riding my brothers at max speed and it tossed him. He hit his head on the hood and was lucky to escape without a concussion. This was a guy who has been riding skis since the 80s. My brother's pro is worse than usual because it's a freestyle set up with less nose pressure. D cut ride plate, tubbies, ect..
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    1985 JS550/800 "Pretty Red": Newmiller 800, Rhaas 750 pump conv. [56.3mph gps]
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    1994 XiR: 830cc Superstock, PJS side draft, 13/18 swirl [53.7mph gps]
    1998 SXI PRO:
    3DR hull mods [TBD]

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