Hi Harry,

I recently aquired this ski from my friend a month ago (the original owner) and it has been left all original in every aspect all the way down to the grey Tempo fuel lines with the green goo which I cleaned out and changed out the fuel lines to MPI A-1 USCG Low Permeation fuel lines except for a Jettrim seat cover, splash guard and a warrantied fuel tank that I just had installed by a local dealer here in Los Angeles.

The compression sits at 120 psi across both holes (cold engine & valve up) using an inexpensive tester. But got 150/148 on a new top end on my '96 GSX with the same tester. So I'm assuming it seems somewhat accurate.

I want to rebuild the top end to get it back to 150 psi and am wondering if removing the stock air box in place of Tau Ceti's by Blowsion would help somewhat with easier starting and slightly better acceleration. Not trying to build a performance boat. Just thinking about giving it some help where I can.

Also the seals seem to be fine as there isn't any smoke (light or heavy) upon start up. I've already rebuilt the carbs with genuine Mikuni carb kits and genuine 1.2 Mikuni N/S.

So my questions are:

1. Should I just rebuild the top end due to the low compression?
2. Rebuild the crank while the top end is out anyways due to the age?
3. Run it until it screams for help?

4. Also what are your turnaround times for just the top end bore & piston kit? I can do all the install work myself. So that's not a problem.

Anything else I should know?

Thank You for your time!