Hi all, new to jetski's and this forum. My intro is here... http://www.pwctoday.com/showthread.php?t=476682

This thread is to keep track and document my project. I'm sure I'll have lots of questions along the way but I promise to utilize the search bar.

So this is what I'm starting with. I'm told the ski has been sitting for many years and I believe that by the amount of bee hives I found hidden in it. I plan to keep the hull original with the exception of new registration stickers and new turf. Ski appears to be all stock and has 130lbs of compression in each cylinder.


Here is my current parts list:

Carb Rebuild kit
Battery Straps
Start/Kill Switch W/Lanyard
Steering Cable
Spark Plugs
Fuel Lines
Fuel Filter
Water Hoses
Primer Kit
Flush Kit
Pop-off Pressure Pump
Hood Seal