Seat Cover, 99 GSX Limited, How to remove cover from Foam

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    Seat Cover, 99 GSX Limited, How to remove cover from Foam

    I've recovered several seats, but it seems on this 99 GSX Limited, the original vinyl is glued to the foam. I know some people leave the old seat cover in place and cover over it, but I'd really prefer to remove it because it's hardened, and not the most comfortable. It seems that with the vinyl and foam being glued, that if I pull the old cover off, it will rip the foam up and look terrible when the new seat cover goes on. Anyone know a good way to remove the seat cover without destroying the foam? Am I missing something here?

    Thanks as always

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    Re: Seat Cover, 99 GSX Limited, How to remove cover from Foam

    You can't. you see what you have. I know what you're talking about cause i have been there myself
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    Re: Seat Cover, 99 GSX Limited, How to remove cover from Foam

    Yes you can, it takes patience. You need a razor knife, one of those narrow ones with the break away tips works good. You grab the vinyl and pull as you swipe the blade behind it, effectively "skinning" it. You dont have to do it as a whole, you can make cuts through the vinyl wherever you need to for more manageable pieces. After its removed, use a palm sander to smooth over the whole thing and blend all the little razor slash marks. I've done a few, it takes some time.

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    Re: Seat Cover, 99 GSX Limited, How to remove cover from Foam

    You can also follow up with 100% Silicone caulk as a glaze over the top. Or go to fabric store and get the thin polyester matting as a topper under the new vinyl. I have done the silicone on holes and then follow up with the matting. For really bad seats you can use Great Stuff and then trim and follow up with the other 2.

    Again patience is required for all. Lots of labor.
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