PWC Build Yamaha HULL Options . . .

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    PWC Build Yamaha HULL Options . . .

    Greetings All!

    So, here's my situation. I have a 2007 Yamaha FX that was recently wrecked and has extensive hull damage. The ski's mechanics all work fine and the engine has low hours, so my first thought was to try to find a matching hull to where I could build a replacement ski. I really dont want to deal with the hassle of parting out the ski attempting to sell every part on it. I think I would rather just re-build it from another hull. The damage is much too extensive to have repaired by a shop.

    So, my question to the masses is what are some Yamaha year/model hull options that would fit pretty much all of the damaged skis mechanics and parts seamlessly? Am I stuck looking for only a 2007 FX exactly the same? or would the parts also fit a 2006, 2008, an FX SHO, Cruiser, etc? I have found a few Yamaha hulls for sale that are around the same age, but Im not sure if all the components are the same. Any thoughts?

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    Re: PWC Build Yamaha HULL Options . . .

    Part your ski - get another one. No insurance to get you a new one after the damage?

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    Re: PWC Build Yamaha HULL Options . . .

    Post pix of damage

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