How much damage did i do FX140

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    How much damage did i do FX140

    mechanic said dont ad to much oil, added a quart and a half....ran fine for 15 min then oil light came on...i think i added to much and clogged the filter, id let it sit for a few min then it ran but light came back on...i decided to shut it down...hope it just need an oil change and and a new filter....any opinions ...thx

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    Re: How much damage did i do FX140

    I haven't worked on a FX140, but I'll assume for now that its the same basic block as my FX HO 160. Its a dry sump ski so getting the oil level just right can be a challenge. Its easy to check the filter, just remove the plastic air intake cover top and lift up the big air filter and look at it. Its not the end of the world if its clogged, but it is an expensive filter. I don't know what triggers the light. The other possibility is that you have too little oil. That would be worse as you could potentially have done some serious damage. The best way to check the level is warm and in the water floating level. I don't always have that luxury so I try to get the trailer as level as possible before I check the oil. It should be pretty obvious if its way low as you likely won't register any oil on the dipstick.
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