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    PWCToday Newbie
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    Aug 2017

    Newbie needs help moving the FX HO Cruiser!


    I just purchased a 2014 FX HO Cruiser PWC right before the hurricane Irma from Michigan. I am located in South Florida. it is arrived after the hurricane which is 2 days ago on the top of another trailer. I am new to any type of watercrafts. Never own before and never pull before! But I already got used to it and went to ride within 2 days total of 3 hours! So jetski met with the saltwater at the very first time!

    It came with a brand new Karavan WCA 1250. Since I purchased from a very well known dealer in MI and I never had a question mark about the adjustment of trailer bunk position. And I looked underneath to see what can be the best position, I think they already did a good job. But I still want experienced people to help me out from PWC community. I will share couple of picture as well!

    Right before the arrival I was trying to put jetski in a 2 car garage with 2 car in it. I organized the garage and made some space behind one of my car to slide side way with Aqua AQ19 dolly which is already arrived before the jetski and I set up the bunks in wider position but I can switch to narrow setting easily if needed!

    Of course I watch one of the YouTube video who was sliding the ski like a butter before purchased the dolly so it looked easy so I went ahead and purchased it but it didn't work as planned!

    First of all this jetski is huge! 12feet by 5! I can still fit in the garage somehow if I can put it on the dolly! The problem is how to put on to dolly?

    I read couple of different topics related to this and found out it will be easy to slide if I get Trailer Bunk Slides : http://www.surfixinc.com/surfix_trailer_bunkslides.html

    But in the mean time since I have a hardtop jeep and I made up a heavy duty ratchet tie down straps on my ceiling to remove the top very easy and store in hanging position I thought It would be a good idea to pull the ski using the straps! Oh well it didn't work too well also one of the eye bolt that is attached to ceiling snapped side way and I tried too many different way such as making the slides wet and pushing any position a I can but it didn't work out!

    So I will get the trailer bunk slides I hope it will work.

    My first question is what do you think about the position of the bunk of my the trailer for this ski? If I do wider there is a possibility it can touch keel?


    My second question is What is your suggestion to move this heavy jetski?


    And final question is if I keep the dolly bunk as is , is that going to be a problem? Because I am seeing that trailer has angled bunks and my dolly is not angled! So since they are flat rectangular pieces i think Jetski can be sit much better on this position of the dolly bunks since it is also flat! So is that possible to slide on this position?


    Thank you !
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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home freekstyle's Avatar
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    Aug 2007

    Re: Newbie needs help moving the FX HO Cruiser!


    Get some of this is makes your bunks super slick.

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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home Grumpy Old Guy's Avatar
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    Sunny Fla

    Re: Newbie needs help moving the FX HO Cruiser!

    Just use WD40 or spray silicone but you have to be carefull that ski is straped to the dolly or it will slide right off.

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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home don37725's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
    Smoky Mountains TN

    Re: Newbie needs help moving the FX HO Cruiser!

    Attach a 2x4 to the rear wall of your garage - screw it into at least 3 studs, 4 or 5 even better to spread the load, so you don't pull the wall down - Install 2 eye bolts - Attach 4 or 5 ft of rope between each eye bolt and each rear tie down on your ski - this 4 or 5 ft gives you room to work behind the ski and position dolly in back of ski when ready - Unwind your winch strap about 4 ft and lock it so ski will be able to move back about 4 ft and winch will keep it from going too far off the trailer - With trailer attached to your jeep pull forward about 4 ft and ski will be pulled off trailer about 4 ft by the 2 ropes attached to wall - Now position dolly under ski as far forward as it will go - use judgement and eyeball to decide if ski can be pulled another ft or 2 to get dolly where you want it - When you think dolly is far enough forward ( usually centered under motor ) tie it to rear wall or run strap around ski and dolly to keep it in position - slowly pull trailer forward so ski rests on dolly - It helps to have a 2nd person helping to watch as you drive/pull.

    I have a few sturdy trees in my back yard so I often use one of them instead of the garage wall if I just need to pull a ski off a trailer - I have some old post office carts that have big enough wheels to roll over grass, but a dolly will not
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    PWCToday Newbie
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    Aug 2017

    Re: Newbie needs help moving the FX HO Cruiser!

    Thank you guys for the helpful information ! Well I never done that and I am little bit scared to drop the ski on to the floor SO pulling the trailer while they are attached to the eye bolts is little bit advance option to do at the very first time but it is a great way to do after getting use to it! Do you guys recommend this bunk slides? and How about the bunk position differences between my dolly and trailer? is that okay to put that way as I described with pics?
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