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    Re: Wish List for a Four Stroke Superjet

    Company in France makes a stand up with the Ace 900 engine that weighs only 290lbs. Watercraft Journal did an article on it.
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    Re: Wish List for a Four Stroke Superjet

    That is pretty impressive. If I'm not mistaken, the Kommander ace 900 conversions are like 340 lbs. I believe they said 340 and 380 for the TR1 based ones. Packaging certainly looked good in their standard size ski hulls.
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    Re: Wish List for a Four Stroke Superjet

    Here is my wish list for a new yamaha superjet.

    - 8 ft long (a little bit longer than sxr800)
    - 400 lbs (slightly heavier than sxr800)
    - TR-1 1050cc engine (comparable to the sxr1500 engine)
    - Wider Tray (because the current superjet trays are tiny compared to both sxrs.

    The increase in weight will give it the ability to plow through chop like the 1500 does, but won't be as god damn heavy.
    The increased length and width will give it extra stability.
    The TR-1 1050cc engine will be the best option for a new ski. They are more the closest they are gonna get to the 1500 without having to completely design and manufacture a new engine. Personally I really like the TR-1 engines and aI would buy one if they came stock in a yamaha standup jetski.

    I don't know why yamaha isn't coming out with a new 4-stroke ski. They obviously see how much the kawasaki is selling. I'm a diehard yamaha guy but they are dumb for not following in kawasaki's footsteps. I really hope they do, because ill be one of the first ones to get one when they do!

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    Re: Wish List for a Four Stroke Superjet

    -As close to current hull as possible. KEEP IT SMALL & LIGHT with just enough room to accommodate new engine & possibly space for an aftermarket turbo & intercooler.

    -No NanoXCel that will be difficult or expensive to repair

    -TR-1 Engine
    -Existing 144 or 155 pump for parts interchangeability
    -As mentioned above a space for racing numbers

    Basically just stick a TR1 in there and call it a day

    I heard they will try to release new model on 30th anniversary of Original Superjet
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