So I just rebuilt my carbs and the ski is running awesome (55-60mph on another skis gps speedo) except just one tiny issue. My off idle throttle response is not correct. If im sitting still and I mash the gas it will almost completely pause for a second or two then it just rips my arms off. It doesn't spit or anything, the revs just don't move much. From the research i've done it seems like the LS screws are too rich? Just wanted to check here to make sure I don't start down the wrong rabbit hole. Was going to turn them in 1/8th to lean it out to start off. im at 800ft and the weather is starting to get colder.

Ill add that the ski smells rich and the plugs were sootier than they should have been.

LS are 1 turn out
HS are closed
Ski is totally stock (ive since added an aggressive head but shouldn't effect carb settings)