93 Seadoo XP 657 Will not run right

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    PWCToday Newbie
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    Aug 2008

    93 Seadoo XP 657 Will not run right

    Hi, i just bought a 93 Seadoo XP. I was told it was ready to go, just had a engine Rebuild, new RV, spark plugs, Carbs rebuilt and impeller wear ring.

    When i brought the ski home it would start on the hose but it would rev all the way up and i would have to choke it out to get it to die back down.
    The oil line was cut and capped off and the oil pump cable was removed. "the PO said he did it because he felt safer running on mixed gas.

    Things i did before i lake tested it:

    1 Rebuilt the carbs "the PO said he did it but I don't trust him, i found there was missing parts in one of the carbs", "set popoff to 28psi"

    2 Hooked back up the oil system " there was still oil in the line to the RV gear so i think i am safe there"

    3 Changed spark plugs

    4 Checked RV timing

    5 Filled gas tank "fuel was at 50 percent. filled with non mixed gas"

    6 blew out all fuel lines, vents and water separator "has upgraded lines already"

    7 Compression test 150-155 on both holes

    8 Cut back spark plug wires 1/4 inch

    9 gaped plugs to .8mm and checked spark. "nice blue spark".

    Went to the lake and left it on the trailer to see if it would start. It would turn over but not start. Turns over fast and if i hold the throttle wide open it would start and stumble but die in a few revs. I tried to start it for 15 min and then my jump pack and battery died.

    Things I noticed

    1 Back hole would get more oil. I could see it on the spark plug.

    2 front hole gets more fuel, when i pull the plugs and crank it i see more fuel coming out the front hole.

    3 sometimes it will run on the trailer fine, idles at 2800rpm and i have throttle response. And sometimes it will not start at all. I always have fuel spark and compression weather it wants to run or not.

    I was thinking it was the brass gear for the RV. i spun the engine over by hand and watched the valve and it moved smoothly with the pistons. Is that a good test that it is fine? I am running out of things to try and the season is coming to an end. If anyone has any advice or new things I could try i would appreciate it.

    Thank You
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    PWCToday Newbie
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    Aug 2008

    Re: 93 Seadoo XP 657 Will not run right


    When I ordered my carb rebuild kits they came with 42mm mounting gaskets. The 42mm gaskets were to big to use. I think I need 38mm mounting gaskets.
    The company I ordered the carb kits from said all 1993 seadoo xp use two 42mm flange mounting gaskets. Could the PO switched the intake to something else? Could that be causing all my headaches. Does anyone know of a rotax engine that would have used a smaller then 42mm duel carb flange setup?

    Thank You

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