Impellor questions.

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    Ziggy Stardust

    Impellor questions.

    I have a couple questions about changing my impellor... first off, does anyone know if my warranty from Yamaha will be good if I change the impellor? I was told the warranty would be void if I tampered with the engine by the salesmen. Do you guys think an impellor would void my warranty? Second off... would changing the pitch of my impellor in any way hurt my engine... they do change your rpm right? And lastly how difficult is it to change impellors on a 2005 SJ? Any knowledge here would help me.

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    Jun 2005
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    I have a similar question--Can I take my Solas impeller from my '93 SJ and put it on an '05? I think the pumps are the same size, but I'm not sure about driveshafts.

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    Resident Guru SkiDaddy's Avatar
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    Changing the impellor shouldn't bother the warranty. Yamaha probably sells impellors even.

    Unless you go to a steeper pitch, you're making life easier on the engine. As long as you use a reasonable pitch, you'll never bump the rev limiter unless you go WOT in heavy chop; even then, it won't hurt anything.

    Changing a 2005 should be a breeze.
    Fear Not!

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