Hi Guys

I have purchased a 92 xp real cheap and good shape, so I decide to bring home and start to see what has happened to it. It has been sitting for many yrs outside under a cover.
so I have done a compression test and was 35 mag side and 125 pto
so stripped it down and all looks good as no broken parts that I can see. So what could cause this or just warn out, so I am woundering if I need to split the bases and look crank or can I flush it out and rebuild top end, I have built sleds before and trucks but have never had or rebuilt or know what to look for in this seadoo.
The hull was very dirty and oil mess, the jet drive was also sandy. I have pulled everything out of the hull, engine,gas tank , oil tank, removed complete drive system, the gas was very old and pinkish colour, I am looking forward in this build and getting some do's and don't from the experts. There is oil in the base and is dark but does not look discoloured or milky at all. I know there will be some that will say stay away or why waste your time and money. Well I pd 200 bucks Canadian for the complete unit and shop manual and it also has a cover, most of them running or some problems sale for 1500 to 3000. Plus I love to tinker on this stuff, this is also the better engine, white one. Well that should be a start untill I get others asking me about stuff and I can post pics when I get a few. Thanks again.