I had my SL 650 engine rebuilt last spring due too low compression on the PTO piston. I've noticed that the piston compression was lower than the other two when I checked the compression after a number of rides in last August. Looks like not enough oil was getting to the PTO carb. By chance I was running on pre-mix during the break-in period after the rebuilt, therefore I did not burn the PTO piston. Since the riding season will end in the following weeks, I decided to clamp the oil lines and continue to run on pre-mix up until the season end. I'm planning to take care of the problem when I'll store the jetski for the off-season. My questions are:
Is it OK to run the jetski with the oil lines clamped and using pre-mix for the remaining of the season with the oil pump still in place?
Should I change the oil lines or get rid off the oil pump (install a block-off plate) and continue to run on pre-mix next season?
Thanks for your help!