Just picked up a used SLX that needed new impeller bearings and was able to find some used parts in great condition. Put it all back together and started it up while it was on the trailer, and it got max rpms of @ 6980.
Put it in the water, and it warmed it up a few minutes, and hit the throttle and it will die. Rode it at really low rpms (2000) until it warmed up a bit more, and max rpm was 3240. Kept at it for another 20 minutes, and finally it took off. So I figured, dirty carbs? It ran for a few hours, then just died. Started it up again and ran fine for 10 minutes and died. It did this about 6 times and then it went back to original problem of not exceeding 3240 rpm.
I tried spraying carb cleaner and putting sea foam in gas. I can still hit 6980 rpms while it's sitting on the trailer, but once it's in the water, it won't run like it should. Disconnected all sensors wires and still same problem.
I live in New Mexico, and can't find any shop that wants to work on it either. Any suggestions? I'm willing to drive it out to someone that thinks they can fix it without costing an arm and a leg, since its an old discontinued model and can't get support for it.