NA Runabout Stock......HELP ME KEEP THIS CLASS ALIVE at the 2017 World Finals.

Looking for 15 or more racers with Stock Yamaha VXRs and GPRS, Seadoo XPLs, and Kawasaki 15Fs to race Naturally Aspirated Stock at the 2017 World Finals.

This year there is only one class for NA Runabouts (2 stroke limited/ 4 Stroke Stock) to race. If I can get 15 racers in this class by September 10th, Scott Frazier will run two NA Runabout classes this year...NA Runabout Stock and NA Runabout Limited.

Please reply with your name on this post or instant message me. I have 10 days to get this list to Scott Frazier at the IJSBA. Please share this post with as many racers as you can.

I love this sport and want to keep as many classes alive as possible keeping racing affordable and fun at the same time!

Thanks....Renee Hill (Hill Racing)