I've owned this ski for about exactly 1 year; bought it late last summer and put maybe 40-50 hours on it, really I only rode it a few months due to an arm injury mid-spring -- unfortunately a family emergency forces sale,honda-217.bmp and I'm not in Vegas to look at the meters right now.

Maybe 10 hours before I stopped riding it late last spring, I installed a new Macsboost chip, so it has very few hours with that modification. I also have a 5 degree pump wedge that I haven't installed, but it comes with the ski. Aside from that, it's stock. I typically run 95+ octane in it (100 on pump in BC), especially since adding the chip. Other than needing some hydroturf work, the ski is in excellent condition, always a fresh water ski and very quick. I also have a single trailer, a basically new vest (L) that come with it. I'd say the only downside is that I temporarily replaced a failed solenoid with a manual boost controller for a short time, and the MBC is kinda finicky to adjust, so I will include a brand new turbo solenoid with the sale, which is a simple, maybe 4 minute job. The MBC was never used to attempt to abuse the motor, I know motors better than to run them lean under boost (I truly love the motor in this thing).

I very much hate to sell it, but I'm probably moving out of state indefinitely and just don't have the time for it now.

Don't hesitate with questions.

faster damt (one word)