Im selling my 03 F12X ski in running condition but needs a turbo, replaced exhaust manifold November last year. Also have a complete R12X motor I bought and know nothing about, it has the Exhaust and turbo and computer. I pulled the turbo and it looks good, no play and free. The wastegate looks good too so the manifold may be good, I haven't had time to work on this but you can follow my posts on here and see what I've done to this ski. It runs and I had it in the water about a month or so ago and it ran good until the turbo went out, turns out the oil feed screen was clogged. I have a video of me ridding the ski. I'm selling it ALL as a lot, not parting anything out so buy it all and do what you want with it. I have the title for the ski but none for the trailer. This is cash and has to be picked up. $4000 gets it all. PM me for pics and questions.

Thanks, Banjomaniac