IJSBA / DJSA last chance qualifier at Pittsbuirg Seafood Festival....

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    IJSBA / DJSA last chance qualifier at Pittsbuirg Seafood Festival....

    Yes it's true...

    I'm still alive, and yes it's true, we're going to hold 2 LAST MINUTE IJSBA qualifiers in Norcal for those few still needing to do so... Now's not the time to explain what has been consuming my life the past 9 months, nor to explain the absence from PWCTODAY or Facebook, but I do owe that to all of you and that explanation will be coming forthwith- but in the meantime we have some immediate business to attend to...

    If you dig the rough and unpredictable waters of Pittsburg,
    The food and attractions at the Seafood Festival,
    Racing in front of a few thousand spectators,
    And making a few bucks that just might cover a few of those expenses for getting to Havasu,
    Hit me up ~

    The email is still the same... djsaracing@yahoo.com
    The number is still the same... (925) 303-0713

    September 9th and 10th
    Pittsburg Marina.
    Practice wil start at 10 both days followed by racing throughout the day...

    In the past getting in to the site has been a royal pain. This year a new pit area adjacent to the ramp will make things much easier on you. Also in the past we've always run a "Joker Buoy Race", but this year things are going to be just a little bit different... both days will be IJSBA sanctioned, but we will be introducing a new format and style of racing - still with the same excitement, superior racing, safety, camaraderie, and friendships we all shared previously. Trust me when I say you’ll get a work out at this one, and you’ll still have to use some strategy on the race course even though the joker won’t be there.

    FULL and COMPLETE race details and payouts will post Monday after my final meet with the city.
    In the meantime, if you're in send me an email with the usual info.
    IJSBA / DJSA modified open classes will be run, similar to those run at the Camp Far West race.

    Race #
    Ski Info

    In case you forgot ~
    Vintage 567 open
    X2 open novice
    X2 open expert
    900 open ski novice
    900 open ski vet
    950 open ski expert
    1100 GP ski open intermediate
    1100 GP ski open expert
    Sport Sit 800 open novice / stock expert
    Sport Sit GP 1200 open expert
    800 runabout open novice
    800 runabout open expert
    Sprint Sit 1350 NA open runabout
    SCXP Open Expert runabout

    All expert/intermediate class entry fees will be 80 bucks per day.
    All vintage and novice class entry fees will be 60 bucks per day.
    All racers will receive festival passes for themselves and up to 3 family / crew members.

    If you only need one race day to qualify specify which day you’ll be there although we’d love to have you for both. If you need 2 events to qualify you’ll more than likely be there both days.
    I am trying to get us dry camping on site but keep in mind room will always be a concern at this site. Let me know if you absolutely need to camp onsite, otherwise as we’ve stressed in the past – travel lightly!!
    Motels are close by if you need them – but wait for the race info before you make reservations.
    (I dig Motel 6, but the one in Pittsburg is not the one to stay at…) jes sayin ~

    Again, COMPLETE RACE INFO AND TIMES will post Monday.
    What I need to know now, is how many people need to qualify, and what the participation level will
    be for this race.

    Depending on staffing – interest level, and if needed for qualifying, we will try and sneak in one more race at Salt Springs a couple weeks after Pittsburg before everyone heads to Havasu.

    Stay tuned at PWCTODAY under the general racing threads for more info, and at the DJSA facebook page. I’m in the process of starting up a new website for everyone to access but for now I have to check with Mav to inquire about the status of the old one…

    It’s been way too long since we’ve all gotten together and words won’t get the sentiment across regarding how much I’ve missed all of you – but I’m thinking I’m definitely in need of a DJSA reunion race.
    I hope you are too…

    Stay tuned ~
    Jim Lambert
    Diablo Jet Ski Action
    "May all that WE do as a team take our sport and racing family to the next level"
    Robbie Hall / Team Orange


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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home Tioari1's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
    Oakley Calif

    Re: IJSBA / DJSA last chance qualifier at Pittsbuirg Seafood Festival....

    Outlaw Nation,
    The IJSBA qualifier (that more people than I thought need to run) - will not be held at Pittsburg.
    Instead it will be held a week later on Sept 16 and 17 at Salt Springs Valley Reservoir.
    Why? Too many reasons to list but the important ones include;

    No Camping at Pittsburg,
    No on site parking,
    Limited pit space,
    No pit vehicles allowed,
    Not the safest of water for new racers,
    Not the easiest site for family and friends to access,
    And a PITA for the staff to set up in 60 ft of water with a nasty 7 knot current,

    Personally I’m in the mood for a much needed DJSA “reunion race” and Salt Springs seems like the perfect place to make that happen. Complete SSVR race info will be posted in the morning, but now the question is what are we going to do at Pittsburg?
    Answer - we’ll be running exhibition only on Sat and Sun, with a handful of guys dicing it out on a very short track in front of the crowd.

    I would like to have some outlaws from various classes show up to put on a few shows for the crowd… There will be no entry fees and no scoring. Consider it hot lap practice for World Finals if you need a name for it, but free entry to the festival will be granted as well as some cash thrown your way for your travel expenses. Not looking for a full race roster but if 10 or so guys want to play each day we can put on a pretty good show ~ and that’s the key word in all this… show. I am budgeted for up to 10 or so riders a day (and a few freestyle warriors if interested) at $100 a day reimbursement, so if you’re interested in playing shoot me an email to djsaracing@yahoo.com

    All classes are welcome, but preference will be given to experienced DJSA racers only. (Beginners will most definitely be welcome at Salt Springs but Pittsburg isn’t always the best of water for the new guys)…
    We didn’t have any juniors last year but I think the spectators would dig seeing what these young guns can do… so if any Junior A’s or B’s want to run let me know.

    It will be an exhibition show only but you’ll have a chance to get some last chance practice in, meet and greet the spectators, satisfy a few photo ops, (yes it’s true, last year Backflip King Eli Kemnitz actually autographed a guy’s cell phone!!!) and finally make a few bucks for your trouble.

    Entry to the site for launching and pit set up will be between 6am and 9 AT THE LATEST.
    We will have room for maybe 10 vehicles with standard trailers on site next to the ramp.
    Overflow parking has been established at the Police Academy parking lot located near the festival entrance. (yes, the same one we got kicked out of 2 years ago)

    DJSA racers and freestyle “air gods” interested in wowing the crowds, email me asap so I can establish a list and shoot you directions and any other instructions you might need.

    My number is still the same for questions or texts… (925) 303-0713

    Sorry for the late notice but there’s been a lot going on, both on my end and on the Pittsburg end.
    I sincerely thank you for your patience.

    Jim Lambert
    Diablo Jet Ski Action
    "May all that WE do as a team take our sport and racing family to the next level"
    Robbie Hall / Team Orange


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