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Thread: New js550 owner

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    New js550 owner

    My brother and I picked up 2 1984 js550s. I've been doing a lot of research on here so I decided to join! The skis seem to be in good mechanical condition and have 140 psi compression in them. The engines looks all stock they have ocean pro ride plates, team butch intake grates on them and quick steer plates.

    They started having issues I believe with the carbs. I have not found a lot of info on the 38 mikuni, so if any one has info such as the factory low and high settings. Since they are having issues I thinking of doing a rebuild and wondering what all i should check or replace while I'm in there or am I better off switching to the bigger carb. ( the issue is after going full throttle when you shut it off and will not start or you can get it started but it will only run with the throttle at WOT and it will not idle. If you take them out of the water they will start and idle)

    Any info or knowledge someone has on these older js550s as setup, must have parts etc would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: New js550 owner

    First thing I would do is rebuild the carbs and replace the crank seals. It doesn't matter how good of condition the skis are in, after 30 some years, the crank seals are shot and its impossible for them to tune correctly with leaky seals.
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    Re: New js550 owner

    The bn 38's work pretty well when they are clean and properly adjusted. Base settings for high and low mixture screws are about 1 turn out from lightly seated. Also add a primer kit if you don't have one to help with starting.

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    Re: New js550 owner

    Thanks for the info. I'm planning on taking them apart and cleaning them this weekend.

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