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    PWCToday Newbie
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    Jun 2016

    '94 750SS Refuses to Start

    hello all. this problem started about a week ago when i was trying to go out for a ride with a friend. popped the ski in the water off the floating dock just as i always would, went to start it and it would only crank. replaced the plugs and started right up. went out into the bay and then met up with more friends at their boat. when i was leaving it again refused to start. finally got it after 5 minutes of choking, unchoking, and giving it gas. on my ride back, the water flush sysytem cap popped off and water spewed all over my engine compartment. i pumped it out right away but then couldn't start it again when i went to flush it. this weekend same issue. wouldnt start when i wanted to go out so i pulled it out of the water completely. cleaned the intake end of the carbeurator. tried starting fluid and blowing out the fuel lines, still would not go. any ideas?

    NOTE: i have kept the battery fully charged throughout

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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home john zigler's Avatar
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    Re: '94 750SS Refuses to Start

    For an engine to run, you have to have three things. Spark, fuel, and compression. You need to determine what is missing, and diagnose from there.
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    resident guru Nemo's Avatar
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    Aug 2004

    Re: '94 750SS Refuses to Start

    This is a quick reply but hope it helps.
    Check compression. Don't really care what the gauge reads as long as the reading for the two holes are within 10% of each other. The reason I say this unless you have a nice gauge, it might read low. If both holes read 0 you have a problem or your gauge is faulty. If one hole reads 120 and the other 60..you have an internal problem. <<<This is only an example.

    Check that the plugs have spark. Ground them to the engine. it's easier to see the plugs spark in the shade or dusk and it helps having an extra set of hands.
    Electrical intermittent problems can challenge some of the best mechanics. I've seen cdi and stators work fine when cold but after they warm up, they stop working.
    If you have spark and even compression try and start the ski as normal. If it fails start try a little premix fuel down the carb throats. If it starts you need to dig into the fuel system.

    Avoid using starting fluid!
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