This is an opportunity for all the 650 SJ's, 650 SX's, 701 SJ's, 750 SX's, SXI's and SXI Pro models to have a dedicated class that might not otherwise race.

I have been talking with Jaime Pirnie and he said Jet Jam will consider adding the class to the roster if there are enough participants.

Jet Jam typically wants to see five racers to make a class.

*Pretty simple rules - bolt on's okay, modded motors okay, so long as 750cc max and OEM Hulls.(SXR's, Bullet hulls, Kommander hulls, etc with 750 motors in them would be outside of the spirit of what this class is intended for).
* I proposed to keep it affordable, similar to the Vintage 550 Class, $75 entry.
*Jet Jam does not have a membership fee. Entry fee only and they allow on-line registration with payment on site at the race, if preferred.
*5-6 lap motos, depending on size of the track.
*Log jump? Possibly. All ski classes at Camp Far West hit the log jump, except Beginner ski. Jet Jam puts in an option around it for those that want to by pass the log jump, but is a little longer/slower.

Anyone interested? If so, please reply to this thread with your name, ski make and model, and if you would enter for Saturday, Sunday or both days. The Mossdale race dates are August 26 & 27.

To start things off:

Ken Trombley - Yamaha 650 Superjet - Saturday and Sunday
Jeanette Trombley - Yamaha 650 Superjet - Saturday and Sunday

This is just to get a feel for the participation level. If it looks promising, Jamie will add the class to the official on-line registration link.

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